Social Equity Rapid Response Projects

These grants were mobilized in mid-2020 to quickly fund vital projects responding to the interconnected crises of systemic racism and the COVID-19 pandemic.


Antiracism and climate justice dialogues to build an interdisciplinary course and research inquiry

Team: Katharine Mach, Marine Ecosystems & Society; Scotney Evans, Educational and Psychological Studies; Armen Henderson, Hospital Medicine; Abigail Fleming, School of Law

Building Native American and Global Indigenous Studies at the University of Miami

Team: Tracy Devine Guzmán, Modern Languages & Literatures; Traci Ardren, Anthropology; Caleb Everett, Anthropology; Kate Ramsey, History; William Pestle, Anthropology; Kunal Parker, School of Law; Meryl Shriver-Rice, Abess Center for Ecosystem Science & Policy; Daniel Suman, Marine Ecosystems & Society; Shatha Baydoun, Richter Library; Viviana Diaz-Balsera, Modern Languages & Literatures; Jodi Sypher, Lowe Museum of Art

Community-based Budgeting as an Antidote to Police Violence

Team: John Murphy, Sociology; Scotney Evans, Educational and Psychological Studies; Miguel Minutti-Meza, Accounting; Francisco Delgado, Finance

COVID-19: Evaluating Fault Lines in the Health of Our Communities and Developing Community-Centered Solutions

Team: Anthony Alfieri, School of Law; Shirin Shafazand, Medicine; Abraham Parrish, Richter Library; Alejandro Mantero, Clinical & Translational Science Institute; Timothy Loftus, School of Law

Early Childhood System Integration to Promote Community Resilience and Equity for Children of Color

Team: Rebecca Shearer, Psychology; Imelda Moise, Geography; Robin Bachin, History; Ruby Natale, Pediatrics; Christine Delgado, Psychology; Jeff Brosco, Pediatrics

Joint Academic Nurtureship for Underrepresented Students (JANUS): A Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) Initiative

Team: Ashutosh Agarwal, Biomedical Engineering; Andrew Dykstra, Biomedical Engineering; Lunthita Duthely, Obstetrics and Gynecology; Wendy Cavendish, Teaching and Learning; Lucina Uddin, Psychology; Sylvia Daunert, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Katie Gant, Miami Project to Cure Paralysis

Racism in America: Conversations Beyond Black and White

Team: Sanjeev Chatterjee, Cinema and Interactive Media; Imelda Moise, Geography; John Beier, Public Health Sciences; Jaswinder Bolina, English; Sumita Chatterjee, Gender and Sexuality Studies; José Szapocznik, Public Health Sciences

Facial Profiling: Defendant Physical Characteristics, Machine Learning Analytics, and Criminal Justice Disparities in Miami-Dade County

Team: Nicholas Petersen, Sociology; Tamara Lave, School of Law; Ubbo Visser, Computer Science

Anti-Bias Training Across the Data-Life Cycle: Project Data Inclusion

Team: Jennifer Kahn, Teaching and Learning; Soyeon Ahn, Education and Psychological Studies, Debbiesiu Lee, Education and Psychological Studies, Ching-Hua Chuan, Cinema and Interactive Media; Patricia Jones, Medicine