Antiracism and climate justice dialogues to build an interdisciplinary course and research inquiry


This team will organize series of presentations and conversations focused on antiracism and climate justice (the idea that adaptation to climate change must be done in fair and equitable ways, so that the consequences for residents of all backgrounds are transparent and responsible). The dialogues will provide a necessary forum and elevate the voices, experiences, and ideas of BIPOC leaders. They will also create groundwork for longer-term scholarly activities on campus, such as a team-taught interdisciplinary class, seminar series, and community of climate justice scholars and researchers engaged with societal partners. The design and implementation of the climate justice dialogues will be highly collaborative, building from the insights of faculty members, staff, and students. A leadership advisory team will inform each project stage, ensuring widespread participation on campus and among the Miami climate justice community. The team will build from existing relationships to invest in and partner with the Black community and social justice community groups in Miami.


Katharine Mach, Marine Ecosystems & Society; Scotney Evans, Educational and Psychological Studies; Armen Henderson, Hospital Medicine; Abigail Fleming, School of Law