Theme: Climate

These past and ongoing projects bring together collaborators to address climate and its impact on communities.

Developing Integrated Solutions for Sustainably Feeding the World, Improving Coastal Water Quality, and Building Resiliency in Coastal Communities

Team Members: John Stieglitz, Marine Ecosystems and Society; Daniel Benetti, Marine Ecosystems and Society; Daniel O. Suman, Marine Ecosystems and Society; Brian K. Haus, Ocean Sciences; Michael Touchton, Political Science; Daniel E. Rothen, Division of Veterinary Resources; and Angela C. Clark, Rosenstiel School Library.

On the Move: Climate Migration and Retreat in South Florida, the Caribbean, and Beyond

Team Members: Katharine Mach, Marine Ecosystems and Society; Xavier Cortada, Art and Art History; Ian Wright, Economics; and Nicholas Mignanelli, School of Law Library.

Hyperlocalism: Transforming the paradigm for climate adaptation

Team Members: Amy Clement, Atmospheric Science; Tyler Harrison, Communication Studies; Joanna Lombard, School of Architecture; Sam Purkis, Marine Geosciences; Gina Maranto, English; Angela Clark, Libraries

Next generation of coastal structures: Feasibility, quantification, and optimization

Team Members: Esber Andiroglu, Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering; David Kelly, Economics; Joel Lamere, Architecture; Billie Lynn, Sculpture; Renato Molina, Marine Ecosystems and Society; James Sobczak, STEM librarian for Learning and Research Services Kathleen Sullivan Sealey, Biology; and Prannoy Suraneni, Civil Architectural and Environmental Engineering

HURAKAN: Improving Hurricane Risk Communication for Vulnerable Populations

Team Members: Barbara Millet, Communication; Alberto Cairo, Communication; Kenny Broad, RSMAS; Scotney Evans, Education and Human Development; Sharanya Majumdar, RSMAS.

Engineering Coastal Resilience Through Reef Restoration

Team members: Diego Lirman, RSMAS; Andrew Baker, RSMAS; Brian Haus, RSMAS; David Letson, RSMAS; Landolf Rhode-Barbarigos, Engineering, Sonia Chao, Architecture; Jyotika Ramaprasad, Communication; Angela Clark-Hughes, RSMAS Science Library; Jane V. Carrick, RSMAS research associate.

Integrating Oceans and Human Health Sciences

Alberto J. Caban Martinez, Public Health Sciences; David Lee,Public Health Sciences; Kristopher Arheart,Public Health Sciences; Sharon Smith, RSMAS; Larry Brand, RSMAS; Cassandra Gaston, RSMAS; Brian Haus, RSMAS; Kimberly Popendorf, RSMAS; Helena Solo-Gabriele, Engineering; James Klaus, Arts and Sciences; Angela Clark-Hughes, RSMAS Science Library.