U-LINK Courses

A collaboration between the Vice Provost for Research and Scholarship, and the Vice Provost of Educational Innovation, the U-LINK Courses call challenges faculty to design courses that introduce students to the vital intellectual and research collaborations that are a hallmark of the University of Miami. The rich diversity found in UM’s 11 schools and colleges provides significant advantages for scholars to explore and address problems that require interdisciplinary solutions. U-LINK supports creative educational activities that underscore our institution’s mission and the Roadmap 2.0 which highlights the centrality of educational innovation.

The Climate Challenge: Integrating Science, Health, and Engineering

Team: Chang-Yu Wu (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), Renee Evans (Engineering), Yang Wang (Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering), Helena Solo-Gabriele (Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering), Fateme Rezaei (Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering), Chao Luo (Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering), Jiayu Li (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), Paquita Zuidema (Atmospheric Science), Amy Zanne (Biology), Cynthia Silveira (Biology), Robert Makuch (Public Health Sciences)

Answer Campus: an Interdisciplinary Course in Equity, Inclusion, and Game Development

Team: Jaswinder Bolina (English), Clay Ewing (Interactive Media), Lorena Lopez (Interactive Media)

Miami’s Climate Challenge: Past, Present, and Future

Team: Shouraseni Roy (Geography & Regional Sciences), Richard Grant (Geography and Sustainable Development), Prannoy Suraneni (Civil and Architectural Engineering), Landolf Rhode-Barbarigos (Civil and Architectural Engineering), Renee Evans (UM IT)