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The Laboratory for Integrative Knowledge is a University of Miami initiative that supports innovative interdisciplinary research.

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Interdisciplinary Inquiry, one of the transformative initiatives of the University of Miami’s Roadmap to Our New Century, supports teams of scholars from multiple disciplines in collaborative, problem-based inquiry to address the complex challenges of society.

Featured Links

These projects aim to catalyze interdisciplinary collaboration to advance knowledge on the impacts of climate change and other stressors, and the development of practical solutions to meet society’s changing needs.
Grants mobilized to fund vital projects responding to the interconnected crises of systemic racism and the COVID-19 pandemic.

These past and ongoing projects bring together collaborators to address climate and its impact on communities.

These projects tackle tough health challenges through interdisciplinary approaches.

These projects bring together faculty to address issues that affect how we live and how we form communities.

This special supplemental U-LINK call promotes interdisciplinary collaboration to understand and address the immediate and longitudinal impact of this emerging legislation.


U-LINK Predoctoral Fellowship

The U-LINK Predoctoral Fellowship is intended for exceptional graduate students already enrolled in a University of Miami doctoral program and highly committed to engaging in problem-based interdisciplinary research.

U-LINK Dissemination, Implementation and Commercialization

This call seeks to address the unique challenges facing healthcare innovations and innovations through dissemination and implementation (D&I) research, and commercialization activities.

U-LINK Coastal Resilience Project

The University of Miami Coastal Resilience Project team combines expertise in multiple facets of marine biology, engineering, architecture, and communications. Their aim is simple: Find a sustainable solution to protect coastal communities.