U-LINK Dissemination, Implementation and Commercialization One-time Competing Renewal Call

Purpose: The purpose of this call is to provide a one-time supplemental support to U-LINK Dissemination, Commercialization and Implementation teams for their previously funded projects. This competing renewal funding will be provided to those teams reviewed to have the highest potential for success based on the quality of the scholarship being pursued as well as the emergence of evidence for team success in generating outcomes and activities. Funding must result in the development and submission of a substantial collaborative external grant proposal.
  • Previously funded U-LINK Dissemination, Commercialization and Implementation team
  • Previously funded U-LINK Dissemination, Commercialization and Implementation projects (new projects are not eligible)
  • Teams should consist of faculty representing at least two diverse disciplines
  • Scope of project must align with previously funded U-LINK Dissemination, Commercialization, and Implementation project

Award Amount and Funding Duration: We will fund up to 2 projects covering up to $100K in eligible expenses per project. The end date of the award is May 31, 2025. To maximize the number of projects supported by this initiative, we encourage applicants to request no more than the amount required to complete their proposed work. For specific budget guidelines, please see the Budget Guidelines document.

To learn more, or to submit an application:

  • March 27, 2024 - Applications due by 5PM