Theme: Society

These projects bring together faculty to address issues that affect how we live and how we form communities.


Countering online networked extremist conspiracy theories

Team Members: Manohar Murthi, Electrical & Computer Engineering; Kamal Premaratne, Electrical & Computer Engineering; Michelle Seelig, Cinema and Interactive Media; John Funchion, English; Caleb Everett, Anthropology; Stefan Wuchty, Computer Science; Casey Klofstad, Political Science; Joseph Uscinski, Political Science; Lisa Baker, Richter Library

Anti-Bias Training Across the Data-Life Cycle: Project Data Inclusion

Team: Jennifer Kahn, Teaching and Learning; Soyeon Ahn, Education and Psychological Studies, Debbiesiu Lee, Education and Psychological Studies, Ching-Hua Chuan, Cinema and Interactive Media; Patricia Jones, Medicine

Inclusion Matters in the Data Revolution

Team Members: Athina Hadjixenofontos, Center for Computational Science; Jennifer Kahn, Teaching and Learning; Zanita Fenton, Law; Soyeon Ahn, Educational and Psychological Studies; Debbiesiu Lee, Educational and Psychology Studies; Lauren Fralinger, learning and research services librarian

Community-based Budgeting as an Antidote to Police Violence

Team: John Murphy, Sociology; Scotney Evans, Educational and Psychological Studies; Miguel Minutti-Meza, Accounting; Francisco Delgado, Finance

Early Childhood System Integration to Promote Community Resilience and Equity for Children of Color

Team: Rebecca Shearer, Psychology; Imelda Moise, Geography; Robin Bachin, History; Ruby Natale, Pediatrics; Christine Delgado, Psychology; Jeff Brosco, Pediatrics

Facial Profiling: Defendant Physical Characteristics, Machine Learning Analytics, and Criminal Justice Disparities in Miami-Dade County

Team: Nicholas Petersen, Sociology; Tamara Lave, School of Law; Ubbo Visser, Computer Science