Community-based Budgeting as an Antidote to Police Violence


Various communities want to defund police departments and direct funds to other ways of organizing and caring for neighborhoods. But because community members have been excluded from the budget process in the past, most local persons do not know how to proceed. Therefore, their demands for defunding may be perceived as ill-conceived and, possibly, irrational. Without knowing how to organize their community, plan a budget, and engage local authorities, their call for change may go unheeded or be treated as simply utopian. This team will help communities learn how they can work with government officials to redesign a budget that matches the community’s priorities. Through this process, research shows that residents can gain confidence in local government and they may be empowered to continue supporting their community.


John Murphy, Sociology; Scotney Evans, Educational and Psychological Studies; Miguel Minutti-Meza, Accounting; Francisco Delgado, Finance