Building Native American and Global Indigenous Studies at the University of Miami


This interdisciplinary project aims to make the Indigenous past and present of South Florida, our hemisphere, and the world a more meaningful realm of scholarly inquiry and social engagement for the University of Miami community. Recognizing the need to support and amplify Native American and Indigenous voices across UM campuses, this plan will provide an immediate opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students, and the University community at large, to consider the complex histories, lived experiences, and perspectives of Native peoples in relation to multiple areas of knowledge and, more importantly, to their own lives. Among other activities, the team plans to provide course development funds to support new courses, sponsor community engagement events, and compile resources for a new Native American and Global Indigenous Studies (NAGIS) webpage, with the ultimate goal of submitting a complete proposal for the NAGIS Studies Program at UM.


Tracy Devine Guzmán, Modern Languages & Literatures; Traci Ardren, Anthropology; Caleb Everett, Anthropology; Kate Ramsey, History; William Pestle, Anthropology; Kunal Parker, School of Law; Meryl Shriver-Rice, Abess Center for Ecosystem Science & Policy; Daniel Suman, Marine Ecosystems & Society; Shatha Baydoun, Richter Library; Viviana Diaz-Balsera, Modern Languages & Literatures; Jodi Sypher, Lowe Museum of Art