COVID-19: Evaluating Fault Lines in the Health of Our Communities and Developing Community-Centered Solutions


Current health data for historically low-income, underserved communities in Miami reveals substantial inequities across a wide number of health indicators from infant mortality and cancer incidence to airborne diesel particulate matter. Through the School of Law’s Community Equity, Innovation, and Resource Lab, existing relationships with community organizations in west Coconut Grove reveal that public access to this data is challenging. Therefore, this project will collect new data about human and environmental health conditions in this community, as well as offer outreach and education about this information. The team will also investigate public and private health care service delivery and resource allocation practices and determine how these factors affect health outcomes for residents of the community. Then, team members will work closely with local stakeholders to assist their community in law and policy reform campaigns at local, state, and federal levels.


Anthony Alfieri, School of Law; Shirin Shafazand, Medicine; Abraham Parrish, Richter Library; Alejandro Mantero, Clinical & Translational Science Institute; Timothy Loftus, School of Law