Early Childhood System Integration to Promote Community Resilience and Equity for Children of Color


This team’s primary goals are to work within communities of color using a racial equity lens to (1) grow equitable relationships across systems for early childhood, (2) validate community knowledge of children, and (3) strengthen the capacity of local agencies to identify and access resources needed to support children. The team aims to incorporate indicators identified by communities as assets in County annual reports on the state of young children, as are published by The Children’s Trust. The team will accomplish this by working closely with community agencies to develop further an asset-based, resilience-focused tool that incorporates strength-based indicators. In addition to the team’s IDEAS Consortium partner leader steering committee, the team will employ an intentional process of community engagement with 3 community-based agencies with whom the team has worked closely, and who face historical and systemic racial and social inequities.


Rebecca Shearer, Psychology; Imelda Moise, Geography; Robin Bachin, History; Ruby Natale, Pediatrics; Christine Delgado, Psychology; Jeff Brosco, Pediatrics