Creation of an Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Plus (LGBTQI+) Studies at the University of Miami

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This project seeks to widen the impact and strengthen support for UM’s already excellent LGBTQI+ faculty scholarship and graduate teaching, elevate LGBTQI+ studies in our region, and generate new research in the field. The Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in LGBTQI+ Studies will encourage doctoral students across the university to consider, in an intersectional manner, the complex histories, lived experiences, needs, and perspectives of LGBTQI+ individuals in relation to multiple areas of knowledge integral for this population to thrive. These areas include but are not limited to questions of cultural expression; migration and citizenship; legal protections; political discourse and democratic engagement; and access to informed healthcare and education.


Team: Gema Perez-Sanchez (Michele Bowman Underwood Department of Modern Languages & Literatures), Pamela Geller (Anthropology), Brenna Munro (English)