Trans Citizenship: Improving the Gender-Affirming Identification Process in South Florida

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Trans and non-binary people face extensive barriers to changing their identification documents. Without gender-affirming identification, trans and non-binary people struggle to access their citizenship and face discrimination from prospective employers, landlords, healthcare providers, and police. In collaboration with TransSocial, this project proposes a pilot study to track the document change process and evaluate the impacts of gender-affirming identification on trans and non-binary people in Florida. TransSocial is a non-governmental organization run by and for trans and non-binary Floridians. In Florida, the rules for document changes vary by county and TransSocial notes that some counties, like Miami-Dade, make it much harder for residents to access affirming legal documents while others, like Broward, facilitate a smooth process. This team will follow individuals through the process, documenting their experiences in surveys, and randomizing an intervention to evaluate potential improvements in services offered by TransSocial.


Calla Hummel (Political Science), Charlton Copeland (Law), Kathryn Nowotny (Sociology)