Developing Resiliency Tools | ULINK: Laboratory for Integrative Knowledge | University of Miami

Developing resiliency tools and metrics and co-designing an expert and stakeholder coalition to sustain predictions on the health of South Florida's Biome through a human, urban, and environmental transect


Coastal development intensifies the need for monitoring and predicting climate change impacts on coastal communities. This project proposes a transformative, transdisciplinary approach that integrates the ocean’s influence on coastal resilience and on the well-being of coastal communities, toward resilience measures that protect human, urban, and ocean health. The team will co design metrics and contemplate solutions with public and private sector stakeholders, leveraging established relationships, building a local, national & international coalition to address current conditions and future predictions of coastal Biome health, economic and community well-being. These solutions will advise future policies to ensure climate equity and justice. The case study will focus on South Florida, specifically, a transect of Miami-Dade County (MDC) that includes urban areas, Biscayne Bay, and South Florida ocean waters. This team will develop integrated tools and metrics to assess environmental, economic, urban, and human aspects of coastal resilience.


Vassiliki Kourafalou (Ocean Sciences), Sonia Chao (Architecture), David Kelly (Economics), Yui Matsuda (Nursing & Health Studies), Renato Molina (Environmental Science and Policy), Josefina Olascoaga (Ocean Sciences), Shivangi Prasad (Geography)