From Individual to Collective Wellbeing: Smart Technology Ecosystem for Personalized Mood Modulation


Comprising a computer scientist, a musicologist, a research methodologist, a health communication strategist, and a music librarian, this team aims to develop a “smart technology ecosystem” that, taking on the role of a personal DJ, will select and play music to modulate the user’s moods. Citing research that shows music can reduce anxiety and stress, induce sleep, and soothe depressive disorders, the team plans to develop a smart device app that processes the user’s electroencephalogram (EEG) signals and plays professionally composed music and sounds to adjust the mood reflected by their brain activity. “This project capitalizes on the power of emerging technologies to enhance individual and collective wellbeing,” the team wrote in its proposal. “We truly believe that our work will greatly improve the overall wellbeing of individuals currently coping with tumultuous environments and turbulent societies, and in turn will create more connected and healthy communities.”


Ching-Hua Chuan, Cinema and Interactive Media; Soyoon Kim, Communication Studies, Juan Chattah, Music Theory and Composition; Soyeon Ahn, Educational and Psychological Studies; Jennifer Britton, Psychology; and Amy M. Strickland, Music Library.