U-LINK: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Request for Applications 

Purpose: This call seeks to fund interdisciplinary projects leveraging AI and machine learning in an effort to tackle, transform, and positively impact societal problems and fundamental research. This call for applications will: 1) support building a sustainable and meaningful partnership with an academic or community partner; 2) support projects that will identify, develop, and/or test strategies to enhance the adoption, integration, scale-up, sustainment, practices, programs, and tools; 3) promote the submission of grants to external funding agencies; 4) build trust and engagement among team members and collaborators to build sustainable partnerships prior to conceptualizing and submitting a grant to ensure effective team integration; and 5) promote scholarly publications and scientific presentations derived from these proposals.

Eligibility: We plan to fund new teams of faculty representing at least two distinct disciplines. Priority will be given to teams that approach this challenge by establishing creative collaborations drawing from diverse methodologies and/or approaches to scholarship and problem-solving (e.g., a team comprised of individuals from humanities, social science, engineering, design, and basic science). Meaningful engagement of academic, community and/or external partners is required.

Award Amount and Funding Duration: We will fund up to 10 projects for at least one year, covering up to $100K in eligible expenses per project. The College of Arts & Sciences will sponsor projects involving teams from Arts & Sciences. CAS-sponsored projects will start January 1, 2024 (all other U-LINK projects will start June 1, 2024). Please note – U-LINK will optimally support longitudinal work, occurring over multiple years, to assess the longer-term impact and diverse outcomes of funded projects.

To learn more, or to submit an application: 

  • November 6, 2023 - Applications due by 5PM
  • June 1, 2024 – Start date
*College of Arts & Sciences projects will begin on January 1, 2024

U-LINK Courses Call for Proposals

Purpose: This U-LINK call is being issued to support creative educational activities that underscore our institution’s mission and the Roadmap 2.0 which highlights the centrality of educational innovation. We encourage forward-thinking applications that demonstrate interdisciplinarity across multiple departments, programs, Schools, and Colleges and that express a commitment to engage the best of active learning and technology-enhanced pedagogies. We encourage teams of faculty applicants committed to educational innovation who are willing to participate in a Faculty Learning Community that will serve as an interdisciplinary laboratory for course development, incubation, and assessment. The award timeline is December 1, 2023 through May 31, 2024.

Eligibility: Proposed courses should be integrative in the transdisciplinary nature of the content, skills and approaches addressed. Priority will be given to courses that explore a significant, cross-cutting issue, that fill a gap in the curriculum not already well addressed by existing courses, and include a plan for increased reach and sustainability during and beyond the funding period. Applicants are expected to describe the learning objectives for the proposed course, how the course will engage active-learning pedagogies, how the proposed course will enhance the educational experience of entering students, and how the impact of the learning will be measured. 

Over the period of support, it is expected that the course will be refined, improved, and sufficiently well-documented and resourced for dissemination of the program when the period of support ends. Courses are expected to recur (the same course is repeated) and/or to have the potential to be reimagined for new audiences (such as alumni, industry partners, or the public). The format for course delivery of the courses may be in-person or hybrid, but with the potential to re-design the course in an online, virtual format.

To learn more, or to submit an application:

  • October 31, 2023 - Applications due by 5PM
  • December 1, 2023 – Start date