Health, Care, and Empathy – Immersive Learning



This team seeks to create and produce a 360 Virtual Reality Simulation Series - a training platform for health care providers to enhance health equity and cultural humility towards health-seeking trans gender population and LGBTQ+ community at large. The project will bring together cross-disciplinary participants to collectively develop and deliver the LGBTQ+ curriculum. It addresses unique challenges facing healthcare innovation and support building a sustainable partnership within academic and creative communities. This project's objective is to identify and develop strategies and evidence-based practices to enhance the effectiveness of the health system for trans gender people and LGBTQ+ community and create empathy-inspiring learning platform that immerses learners into the daily lives of their patients.


Rafal Sokolowski (Cinematic Arts), Ed Talavera (Cinematic Arts), Lydia Ann Fein (Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences)