Storytelling for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)



This team will collaborate with colleagues and students at the University of Miami and Anant National University in India to pilot an innovative program that will utilize multi-level public health communication research and storytelling strategies to engage 3-distinct communities in problem-solving. A successful pilot will create a prototype for wider adoption and entrepreneurial international dissemination. This pilot proposes a replicable program that will help small to mid-size NGOs in the public health space to become self-reliant in researching, telling, and disseminating their narratives consistently in authentic and impactful ways. These narratives may be community interventions that are in and of themselves communication based or narratives for wider publics with the aim to further the public health issue they are working towards. Possibly, these narratives will also help with creating public awareness of the issue, the NGOs’ fundraising efforts, and more.


Sanjeev Chatterjee (Cinema and Interactive Media), Jyotika Ramaprasad (Journalism and Media Management), Scotney Evans (Educational and Psychological Studies), Mariano Kanamori (Public Health Sciences)